Economic and Workforce Development Center

Through extensive research of local labor market intelligence, the Economic and Workforce Development Center is driven by the MCC division of Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services. Together, we identify career areas in need of quality workers and create the academic, career and educational programming to teach our students to succeed in those fields.

Leveraging local labor market information. Creating 21st-century workers.

Creating skilled workers who are aligned with the workforce needs of the Finger Lakes region is our focus. We leverage local labor market information to address skills gaps in the regional economy by offering innovative education and training. Our diverse organizational capabilities include labor market measurement and analysis, industry engagement, flexible credit and noncredit programming, and strategic grants development. This is how we achieve economic impact.

Careers of the Future

New careers are taking shape as we continue to advance the workforce. Emerging Industry 4.0 (i4.0) technologies like AI, automation, robotics, cyber security and the internet of things are all impacting industry and creating job opportunities in the local market.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do.

Explore all the ways the Economic and Workforce Development Center develops skilled workers and serves industry.
Agriculture and Life Sciences Institute.
The Agriculture and Life Sciences Institute advocates issues relating to land use, offers marketing education, and provides academic instruction for existing and future agribusiness professionals.

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Career Technical Education.
Career Technical Education programs, also known as the MCC school of Applied Sciences and Technologies, offer a high-quality, hands-on technical education that prepares individuals for careers in areas such as precision machining, HVAC/R, automotive, electronic technology, culinary arts, computer technology and more. Programs are responsive to student and industry needs and include the following: Applied TechnologiesEngineering TechnologiesHospitality Management and Information and Computer Technologies.

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Labor Market Research & Analyses.
The labor market intelligence provided by the Economic and Workforce Development Center enables educators, workforce practitioners and economic developers to apply occupational-based analyses within specific regions and workforce clusters to better inform economic development strategy.

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Corporate College and Workforce Development.
Corporate College and Workforce Development offer professional development and training solutions for people, businesses and organizations throughout Monroe County. Whether we’re assisting individuals who want professional development, partnering with community-based organizations or serving corporations, we’re committed to developing workers.

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Homeland Security Management Institute.
The Homeland Security Management Institute is a resource for communities and their first responders for the national agenda of homeland security.

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Public Safety Training.
The Public Safety Training Facility is a regional emergency-training complex for police, fire and emergency medical personnel. The facility features state-of-the-art aircraft, burn building, crime scene, firing range and TEAM/Tac training simulators.

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Campus Events.
Whether you’re hosting a small meeting or a large reception, an athletic competition or an artistic performance, a trade show or a teleconference, we’ll work with you to ensure that your event is well planned, successful and memorable.

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Grants Development and Management.
This department is responsible for college-wide grant management and contract acquisition, the identification of potential funding sources, and the completion of application materials and grant writing. It also operates as a grant-related liaison with funding agencies.

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